COLIN PAUL SPEARS, MD                                                    



CEO and Founder, Fibonacci Phyllotaxis Inc. (dba Fibons)

Professor Emeritus, California Northstate University College of Medicine





Personal Information                                                           



Work Address

FPI dba Fibons

3415 American River Dr., Ste. C

Sacramento CA 95864-5741




(916) 502-0816 cell/text

(916) 692-8480 office


(916) 482-4710















Queens College, City University of New York, Queens, N.Y., B.A., Chemistry-Biology 1966, cum laude



Medical School

Downstate Campus, State University of New York, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.D., 1970, cum laude



U.S. Public Health Service Hospital, San Francisco, California,

1970-1971, Straight Medicine




U.S. Public Health Service Hospital, San Francisco, California,

1971-1973, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Research Associate in Cardiology



LAC/USC-MC, Los Angeles, California,

1973-1974, Internal Medicine






LAC/USC-MC, Los Angeles, California, 1974-1977, Medical Oncology


USC Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles, California, 1977-1983, Research Scholar (Advisor: Prof. Charles Heidelberger)


Hematology, The Hospital of the Good Samaritan, Los Angeles, 1983-1984








Honors and Distinction                                                       


National Cancer Institute, NIH

Cancer Research Training Grant Award, 1974


National Cancer Institute, NIH

Cancer Clinical Training Grant Award, 1975




Meetings Best Abstracts

American Association for Cancer Research, 1979; American Society of Clinical Oncology, 1986 and 1989


Co-author, 1st Place Award, The Genetic Revolution, San Diego, 1994




International Whos Who of Professionals

Distinguished Leadership Award,

International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, 1998



Teaching Awards

Consultant of the Year, Family Practice Residency

Program, Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento, CA,

2003, 2008 and 2009









Invited Lectures

Management of Breast Cancer in the U.S., Department of Surgery, Sahlgrenska University Göteborg, Sweden, 1992


Discussant, Clinical Pharmacology Section, American

Society of Clinical Oncology, 1993


Keynote Speaker, Nordic Clinical Pharmacology Group, Göteborg, Sweden, 1995


Moderator and Speaker: Trimetrexate/5-FU:

Review of Preclinical Rationale and Pharmacodynamics, U.S. BioScience Symposium, St. Petersberg, Fl., 8/1998

















Cancer Drug Development


Pharmacodynamic studies of thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibition in vivo 1979 and in clinical tumor biopsies, 1982 using fluorouracil, firsts for any cancer drug


Invention of CoFactor, for improvement of 5-FU therapy, USC, 1982, Patents in 1990s, PI role in Phase IIB trial including at Sierra Hematology & Oncology and Mercy General Hospital in 2003, leading to phase III trials (currently under Isofol with Merck)


First Investigator for national trial of breast cancer treatment vaccine, 1994, USC-Norris Cancer Center


Addition of folate to Alimta (pemetrexed), a TS inhibitor, with successful Registration Trial in NSCLC,  Eli Lilly 1999











Methods for Swain-Scott-Spears Nucleophilic Selectivity

of aliphatic alkylating agents using green protic chemistry and physiological conditions (1980-present)

   Invention of selenium and selenone  alkylating agents

using physical organic chemical kinetics, 1990’s


  Demonstration in 2018 that bendamustine is a classical

  alkylating agent, leading to FDA relabeling   


  Studies of evofosfamide kinetics under hypoxic 

  conditions, explaining its failure in the clinic


  Studies of ethylphenyglycidate (Strawberry Aldehyde 2)

  showing potential mutagenicity risk









Generalized Fibonacci Number, Definition of, cited in (Mathematica; and the Encyclopedia of Mathematics, CRC Publishing, 2003-present)


Mathematics of volume doubling relationships, 1979, 1984, and the 1-2-3-4 of Volume and Area Doubling Rulers, 2021


Erdős Number 3


Fibonacci biology, sequential slide video-microscopy

  (SSVM) for phyllotaxic patterns in Cotula sericea, 2017











California Physician and Surgeon License G23022 since 1970


DEA AS5295301


NPI 1023084720


ORCiD ID: 0003-003-2822-3620


Web of Science Researcher ID HNS-4212-2023





Board Certification ABIM Member Number 52779             



Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine, 1982 (Lifetime Certification)


Medical Oncology, ABIM, 1985 (Lifetime Certification)







Professional Appointment                                                   


·       Research Scholar: University of Southern Cancer Center, Los Angeles, 1977 1982


·       Assist Prof of Res Med: USC School of Medicine, 1982 1983


·       Clin Assist Prof of Med: USC School of Medicine, 1985 1986


·       Assoc Prof Medicine: Medical Oncology, USC School of Medicine, 1986 1997


·       Prof Clin Medicine: Medical Oncology, USC School of Medicine, 1997 1999


·       Active Staff, Medical Oncology & Hematology, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, California,

      1997 1999


·       Member, Huntington Medical Research Institute, Pasadena, California, 1996 -1999


·       Research Scholar, USC Department of Chemistry, Los Angeles, CA, 1998 2001


·       Senior Clinical Research Physician, Oncology Products, Eli Lilly & Company, Lilly Corporate Center,       Indianapolis, Indiana. 01/04/1999 - 08/04/1999


·       Attending Physician, Woodland Clinic, Woodland, CA, 03/2001 - 12/2001


·       Attending Physician, Sacramento Center of Hematology &Medical Oncology,

      2800 L Street, Sutter Cancer Center, Sacramento, CA. 12/1999 – 03/2001


·       Attending Physician, Sierra Hematology & Oncology,

      Suite 360, 3939 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819, 03/26/2001 – present


·       Partner, Sierra Hematology & Oncology Medical Centers, 20012017  Retirement


·       Chairman, Cancer Committee, Mercy General Hospital, Community Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sacramento, 2008 2016


·       Chairman, Weekly Tumor Conference, Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento, 2008 2014


·       Member, Institutional Review Board, Catholic HealthCare West, Sacramento Region 2001 2017


·       Clinical Professor, California Northstate University, College of Medicine 2013 - 2020





Graduate & Post-Graduate Teaching                                   


Graduate & Post-Graduate Teaching  USC, 1985-1997


1.   Sang-Ihn Kang, Ph.D., 1985-9. Synthetic chemist. Won a National Academy of Sciences National Research Council Fellowship to work with Dr. Kurt Kohn at the National Cancer Institute’s Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology.


2.   Jashovam Shani, Ph.D., 1984-5. UICC Eleanor Roosevelt Fellow. Appointed Director of the Food and

      Drug Administration of Israel in 1989.


3.   Nitya G. Kundu, Ph.D., Summer, 1988. UICC Traveling Fellowship, from his post as Professor of

     Chemistry, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Calcutta, India.


4.   Andrea H. Hayes, Summer, 1987. Junior, pre-med student. USC research done before entry into

      Dartmouth Medical School.


5.   Shawn Granger, Summer 1988. West Point graduate, USC School of Medicine.


6.   Ph.D. Guidance Committee, Dean of Graduate Studies Representative, Paresh Sanghani, 1996; Elaine

      Chen, 1992 (USC School of Pharmacy);Jingwen (Jenny) Zheng, 1994; Jeff Wang, 1994.


7.   Helena Gustavsson, premedical student, U. of Göteborg, Sweden, 1992-93.


8.   Francisco Bravo H.S. preceptor and Science Fair judge, 1991 -1999.


9.   University of Göteborg M.D./Ph.D. graduate USC studies preceptor for: Magnus Berne, M.D., Ph.D.

     (1986), Roland Frösing, M.D., Ph.D. (1992), Per-Anders Larsson (1994).


CNUCOM, 2014-2019


1.   Aye Khine, 2nd-Yr. Doctoral Candidate, Prolonged Myelosuppression of Bendamustine, and its

      Low Nucleophilic Selectivity.


2.   Sylvia Bowditch, Cristopher Phillips, and Jacob Stoker, 2nd-Yr. Doctoral Candidates

      Barriers to Access  to Care at Chemotherapy Infusion Centers, by Patients with Paraplegia.






Military Service                                                                     



U.S. Public Health Service, Lt (03), 1970-1973

Presidio, Marine Hospital, San Francisco, California






Society Memberships                                                          


 Memberships  Past and Present


·          American Medical Association


·          Sacramento-El Dorado County Medical Association


·          Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society


·          Los Angeles County Medical Association


·          Pasadena Medical Society


·          California Medical Association


·          American Association for Cancer Research


·          American Society for Clinical Oncology


·          Association of Northern California Oncologists


·          American Society of Hematology


·          American Chemical Society


·          American Society for Cell Biology - ASCB


·          SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering


·          International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry


·          International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics


·          International Society for the Study of Comparative Oncology


·          Mathematics Association of America


·          American Mathematics Society


·          Fibonacci Association


·          American Statistical Association


·          South Bay Writers Club (California Writers Club)









Biokeys Corporation:   Consultant, Los Angeles, CA, 1997-1999


US Bioscience:  Investigator Meetings Faculty, 1997-1999


Rhône-Poulenc-Rorer:   Speaker, Area Advisory Board, 1997-1999


NCI:  Program Project Reviewer, Division of Cancer Treatment, 1988 (Memorial SKCC), 1991 (Roswell Park),

1993 (Univ. of Michigan), 1994 (Yale Univ.)


NCI, NIH:  Phase I-II Cancer Pharmacokinetics Contracts Review Committee, 1997


NIH, PHS SBIR and STTR:  Reviewer, 1994, 1995


NCI:  Extramural R13 Reviewer, 1991


NCI:  Special Emphasis Panel, Chemopreventive Agent Contracts, 1992


NATO:  Referee, Collaborative Research Grants, 1991


SPIE:   International Working Group in Electronic Imaging


Regional Cancer Treatment:  Member, Editorial Board


Reviewer:  J. Med. Chem., Cancer Res., Cancer, J. Biol. Chem., J. Natl. Cancer Inst.,

Biochem. Pharmacol., Eur. J. Oncol., Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol., Fibonacci Quarterly, Oncology Research, Gastroenterology, Int. J. Cancer, Drugs, J. Spinal Cord Med.




Hospital Staff Privileges                                                      






Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento, CA






Sacramento, CA:   Sutter General Hospital and Sutter Memorial Hospital.


Davis, CA:  Sutter Davis Hospital, 1999-2001.


Pasadena, CA:  Huntington Memorial Hospital and St. Luke Medical Center, 2/97 - 1/99.


Los Angeles, CA:   The Hospital of the Good Samaritan, 1984-7, Norris Cancer Hospital, 1987-1997,

USC University Hospital, 1992-1997.





Locum Tenens                                                                     



Practice of Mark Farbstein,

Hematology/Medical Oncology, Pasadena, CA, 11/96


Practice of Lowell Irwin, M.D. and M. Mercedes Brenneisen, M.D.,

MedicalOncology/Hematology, Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley, CA, 1990s.